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Glass Repair Service To The Area of Rescue And Diamond Springs

Glass repair companies based in and around Sacramento don’t cover towns in the outlying areas such as Rescue and Diamond springs, but at Mac’s Discount Glass we do. Let’s face it: when you get a broken window at your home or business in Rescue or Diamond Springs you need to get it fixed in exactly the same way as if you were in Sacramento or Arden-Arcade. A broken window’s a broken window wherever you are! Even though you are a “local” you may not have ever wondered why Rescue is called Rescue or why Diamond Springs is called Diamond Springs (it has nothing to do with diamonds). Apparently a miner called Andrew Hare named Rescue after his successful mining “rescued” him from poverty, and the town was established in 1895. It was once a stop on the Pony Express trail from Folsom to Placerville. Diamond Springs was named after the crystal clear springs found here. It was settled in 1848 and was a rich source of gold – not diamonds. In fact, it produced a nugget of gold wei