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Glass Repair Reaching the Great City of Antelope and The Surrounding Cities

We have made an announcement on the website of our new location and the areas that we now service for glass repair in Antelope, CA.  Contact us at: 916-597-2098 This link shares the details of the press release and the details of the area we serve. Nowadays, people want a synergy between the website and the real world locations. For that reason, Mac’s Discount Glass is aggressively working on how to integrate its website with its new locations. Antelope, CA  Glass Repair Company We are expanding the business and traveling out to the greater Sacramento area.  Glass repair service is in high demand, we are family owned and operated by the McNabb family, residents of El Dorado county. The glass repair shop provides amazing service offerings at discounted prices. The family-owned and operated business has been passed down thru the generations, now being run by Erick and Lee McNabb. Mac’s Discount Glass specializes in auto glass as well as in glass repa

We Made an Announcement on PR Log About Services Offered In El Dorado Hills

We are exited to offer glass repair services in the city of El Dorado Hills.  We are offer a wide range of glass repair services to EDH.  Contact us at: 916-597-2098 Our glazers have been in business for over 20+ years and are happy to be servicing EDH.  A variety of glass repair services are available for autos, homes, commercial and residential buildings.  We are happy to provide mobile service to the city of El Dorado Hills and also it's surrounding cities like Folsom, Ca and Rancho Cordova.  El Dorado Hills Glass Repair We are proud to share our formal announcement at Free to contact Mac's Discount Glass for any of your glass repair service needs.

Window Glass Repair on Google Is Explained - Sloppy Work is Not In Our Business

It's interesting how many are so quick to pass judgement even if we are willing to work with them to correct the problems with the glass repair for the vehicles.  Our motto is to try to keep the glass repair costs as low as possible, at time the molding is not able to be salvaged and assumptions are made by a customer. Reviews seem to be based on emotion which is totally understandable and well it's also the right of any business to explain the circumstances. Contact us at: 916-597-2098 The vehicle has had a bunch of problems to begin with but Ford Windshield Repair & Replacement Review We are still in contact with her to review the vehicle but we did a very good job explaining the reason.  From now on - lesson learned on our end that this vehicles molding cannot be saved so get ready for those who have a 2015 Ford Explorer Limited - Not only will you be paying for the windshield but my advice to any company working on these CHARGE the extra money for the new