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Summer is coming! Glass repair becoming busy already!

SUMMER is almost here and we are excited to service the new areas of Sacramento and North Highlands.  We know that glass repair is very important and we are happy to help customer in the town of Folsom as well.  We will not leave out any of the surrounding cities so please feel free to give us a call and visit our website.   Glass is becoming increasing busy this time of year! We already have been extremely busy with tempered glass and store fronts.  Auto windshield replacement is also one the busy items that is on peoples list and we are looking forward to the busy times ahead.  If you are in need of any of these items please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to provide service as quickly as possible. Glass replacement is at your Service, El Dorado Hills CA We are located in Cameron Park and will drive to the surrounding areas in Placerville. Feel free to visit our website at: We look forward to servicing any of your home glass replac